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November 2022

The November issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering begins with a detailed look at the latest developments in the European downstream sector, courtesy of Euro Petroleum Consultants. Other topics within this issue include catalysts, hydrogen, mass transfer technology, process safety, and the environment. This issue also includes a Q&A with a number of experts in valve technology.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Magma Group.

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The future of the European downstream sector
The clear message that we have been hearing from the EU is that the future will be green, sustainable and renewable – so what does this mean for the European downstream oil and gas industry? Stefan Chapman, Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC), France, discusses the implications of this regional energy shift.

Location is key
John Lonergan, Permian Polymers Corp., USA, details the benefits of locating a petrochemical plant in the Permian Basin in New Mexico.

Want more hydrogen?
A top five US refiner uses steam methane reforming (SMR) catalysts to increase hydrogen production. Gary Bennington, UNICAT & Magma Group, and Tom Ventham, UNICAT & G. W. Aru LLC, discuss the efficacy of this solution in supporting the hydrogen economy, whilst reducing fuel requirements and emissions.

Next level EO/EG performance
Jaafar El-Masri, Shell Catalysts & Technologies, and Ammar Bakheet, Petro Rabigh, discuss how a 92% catalyst selectivity rating was achieved at Petro Rabigh’s plant in Saudi Arabia.

The transformational strength of catalyst technology
Nikolas Larsen and Nicholas Newlon, Marathon Petroleum Corp., alongside Baha Eren, Namal de Silva, Alexis Shackleford and Yorklin Yang, BASF Corp., detail how to boost light olefins and gasoline octane by way of catalyst technologies.

Keeping up with the times
Neil Sandford, Greg Spencer and Alessandro Ferrari, Koch Engineered Solutions, discuss the development process behind, and applications of, new mass transfer tray technology.

Emit low; capture and sell high
Dr. Cecilia Mondelli, Sulzer Chemtech, Switzerland, looks at how hydrocarbon processing companies can cut emissions while adding new revenue streams.

Efficient solutions for eliminating emissions
José Miguel González, Tecam, Spain, lists the challenges associated with, and the possible solutions for, hydrocarbon emissions in the downstream sector.

Process safety in storage and transfer operations
Colin M. Frazier, American Petroleum Institute (API), USA, details the lessons to be learned from API’s PSSAP® programme.

Embracing AI vision
Gurjeet Bansal, IntelliView Technologies Inc., Canada, details how continuous automated leak-detecting cameras can improve the safety, efficiency and environmental performance of operations, while reducing human effort through faster detection and remote validation.

The perfect combination
Claire Lloyd, REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control, Germany, discusses why the combination of rupture discs and safety valves is beneficial from both a safety and an environmental standpoint.

Valves Q&A
Hydrocarbon Engineering talks to experts from MOGAS Industries Inc. and Zwick Armaturen GmbH about a range of topics related to valve technology and its applications.

Right first time steam valve commissioning
Luder Zegarra, AST Turbo, Switzerland, outlines lean practices when commissioning steam turbine valves.

An electric future
Tommaso Rubino, Stefano Del Puglia, Aurelien Bernardot and Olivier Pellerin, Baker Hughes, detail the challenges associated with, and solutions for, enabling electrification in the midstream segment.

Q&A with...
Hydrocarbon Engineering sits down with Alberto Giovanzana, Chief Commercial Officer, Johnson Matthey (JM).

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