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November 2015

The November 2015 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering kicks off with two Regional Reports focusing on the European downstream industry. The first, from ABB, explains why there is still room for optimism in Europe despite a highly changeable business environment, and UKPIA follows with a update on the UK refining industry. This issue covers a number of exiting topics, including Catalysts, Compressor Technology, Level Gauging, Flow Metering & Monitoring, Storage Options and Corrosion Prevention, and the lead feature, Opportunity Crudes, features technical articles from Dorf Ketal, Cameron and Petrobras. To finish off, we give you 15 facts on Japan.

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World News

The future is bright
Despite a highly changeable business environment, there is room for optimism for European downstream oil and gas companies, as Will Leonard, ABB, UK Oil, Gas & Chemicals, explains.

UK refining: strengths and challenges
Nunzia Florio, UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA), explains why there is a strong case for a robust refining industry in the UK.

Faultless flexibility
David Comer, James Noland and Parag Shah, Dorf Ketal, USA, explain how operators can increase crude flexibility with superior desalting chemistry.

When opportunity knocks
Pavan Mandewalkar and Erik Sellman, Cameron Process Systems, USA, highlight the importance of effective desalting when processing opportunity crudes.

Evaluating feed flow in desalters
Guilherme Pimentel De M. da Silva and Nathalia C. de Sá, CENPES, and Mariana N. Dantas and Karolline Ropelato, ESSS, outline how operators can improve the efficiency of oil desalters through variations in geometric parameters.

Technology at the forefront
Bruce E. Reynolds and Julie Chabot, Chevron Lummus Global, USA, present an advanced hydroprocessing technology for reliable heavy residuum conversion.

Creative catalysis
Shaun Pan, Alexis Shackleford, Robert McGuire Jr., Gary M. Smith and Bilge Yilmaz, BASF Corporation, USA, discuss how operators can increase FCC unit profitability using catalysts from boron based technology.

A great achievement
Christophe Chau and Rosann Schiller, W. R. Grace & Co., USA, explain how oil and gas companies can gain a number of advantages with state of the art FCC catalyst solutions.

Maximising potential
Stefan Gebert, Lorena Oviol and Axel Düker, Clariant Catalysts, Germany, discuss how the use of catalysts and catalyst technology can enable higher production throughput and lower energy consumption in various downstream applications.

Metering trends
Craig Marshall, NEL, UK, discusses the changes in metering technologies over the past few decades and why it is important to understand the reasons behind them.

Proven reliability
Jacob Wesselius Sr., P.A. Consultancies, The Netherlands, and Robert Morpeth, Kurz Instruments, USA, explain how the use of flow instrumentation has helped to maintain safety and reliability at the Shell Pernis refinery.

Mix it up
Thomas Uhl, MPT Meß-und Prozeßtechnik GmbH, Germany, presents various mixing options for different applications within the oil and gas industry.

Stainless steel solutions
Eduardo Perea, Sandvik Materials Technology, UK, explains how duplex stainless steels are achieving cost advantages and operational uptime for companies worldwide.

The big 10
Alan Cremer, The Corrosioneering Group, UK, looks at the 10 primary forms of corrosion and shows how the latest coating technology and materials application expertise can significantly reduce the problem.

Assessing integrity
Mantosh Bhattacharya, Petrofac, UAE, presents a technical integrity assessment process for a centrifugal compressor impeller.

Rapid response
Medhat Zaghloul, Compressor Controls Corporation, USA, analyses the typical behaviour of a differential pressure transmitter signal from a flow measuring device during compressor surge, and presents guidelines for selecting adequate transmitter dynamic response characteristics.

15 facts on...
This month we give you 15 facts on Japan.

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