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November 2008

On this month's cover: Baker Petrolite uses a novel colorimetric test that speeds the identifi cation and quantifi cation of cooling water hydrocarbon leaks, as part of its comprehensive LeakGuard™ Hydrocarbon Leak Detection and Mitigation Service Program for hydrocarbon processors.

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Editorial comment

World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

Malaysian Expansion
David Hayes, Contributing Editor, provides an overview of expansion in the Malaysian refining industry

Emission Control Europe
Jean-Francois Larivé, CONCAWE, Belgium, discusses the issue of CO2 emissions in EU refineries

Defensive Measures
Eric Byres, Byres Security, Canada, discusses how a ‘defence in depth’ strategy can create a secure and reliable environment for SCADA and control systems in the hydrocarbon industry

The Threat From Within
Clyde Young, John M. Campbell and Company, USA, reports on safety provisions in the hydrocarbon processing industry

Secure From The Inside Out
Jon Harmon, Honeywell Process Solutions, USA, describes an integrated approach to industrial security

Reducing Emissions And Costs
Chris Kuehler, Albemarle Corporation, USA, Michael Edwards and Subramani Ramachandran, Albemarle Asia Pacific Company, Singapore and Peter van de Gender, Albemarle Catalysts Company BV, The Netherlands, review the cost effective reduction of FCC regenerator SOx emissions with additive technology

Catalyst Families
Michel Melin, Simon Reitmaier and Colin Baillie, Grace Davison Refining Technologies Europe, Germany, examine the performance benefits of NEKTOR catalyst grades and the resulting profitability at a European FCC unit

Stay Low
Joe Gelder, CRI Catalyst Company, UK, Chee Whye Tan, CRI Catalyst Company, Singapore and Vincent Welch, Badger Licensing LLC, USA, discuss styrene monomer production at low steam to hydrocarbon feed ratio conditions

Catalyst at Your Service
Dr Rafael Larraz Mora, Dr Miguel Perez Pascual and Modesto Miranda, CEPSA, Spain, describe the maximisation of propylene using ProtAgon, a Grace Davison FCC catalyst for propylene maximisation

Upping the Benchmark
Stuart Cooney, Shell Global Solutions Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia, determines the road to top performance via refi nery benchmarking

Find and Fight Cooling Water Hydrocarbon Leaks Fast
Patricia Mahoney, Monty Pifer, Garry Laxton and Brenda Bramhill, Baker Hughes Incorporated, USA, look at how a new approach to an age old problem reduces operating costs, maintains safety, and protects the environment

A Peruvian Project
Felix Davila Huaman and Nicolas Villar, Repsol YPF, Peru and Chad Felch, Clay Maugans and Steve Olsen, Siemens Water Technologies, USA, provide operating notes on a refi nery spent caustic wet air oxidation facility in Peru

How Full is Your Tank?
Malcolm T. Tennant and Martyn Griffi ths, MHT Technology Ltd, UK, discuss storage tank overfi ll

Analysing the Elements
Olaf Schulz and Dirk Wissman, Spectro Analytical Instruments,

A New and Exciting Family
Tofi k K. Khanmamedov, TKK Company, USA and Ralph H.Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc., USA, look at turning dilute acid gas streams into high quality sulfur plant feeds

Amoured Against Corrosion
D. Lusk, Sub-One Europe, UK and T. Casserly, M.Gupta, K. Boinapally and Y. Cao Sub-One Technology, USA, examine thick DLC based fi lms with excellent corrosion resistance for applications in the oil and gas industry

Level Gauging Review
Level Gauging Review

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