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June 2021

The June issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes a focus on cybersecurity, with articles from the American Petroleum Institute (API) and Siemens Energy. Other topics in this issue include the refinery of the future, catalysts, and safety. Meanwhile, our regional report from Wood Mackenzie looks at why the European downstream sector needs to adapt.

This month's front cover is brought to you by MOGAS Industries Inc.

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European downstream developments
Alan Gelder, Wood Mackenzie, UK, explains why the European downstream sector needs to adapt; doing nothing is not an option.

Building up cyber defences
David Miller, American Petroleum Institute (API), USA, looks at how the organisation’s standards address cybersecurity for the natural gas and oil industry.

A new arena of cyber protection
Sam Miorelli, Siemens Energy, USA, looks at how to optimise refinery turnarounds with AI-driven cybersecurity advances.

Leading the way to transformation
Joseph C. Gentry and Charlie Chou, Sulzer Chemtech, GTC Technology, USA, explore three basic elements that are likely to be seen to be part of the refinery of the future.

An evergreen optimisation approach
A. Chen, A. Novotny, T. Case, D. Banks, and B. Eren, BASF, USA, outline how FCC catalysts optimise bottoms cracking.

Have your cake and eat it
Juan Pereira De La Riera, Olivier Boisier, and Boris Hesse, Axens, France, discuss performance and energy savings in an FCC gasoline hydrotreatment unit.

Taking centre stage
Karen Picker, Sandvik, USA, predicts the future of duplex stainless steels in reactor effluent air coolers.

Benefits of modular process units
Mike Berckenhoff, MOGAS Industries Inc., USA, offers a comparison of modular vs stick-built process units for heavy oil pressure letdown.

Undergoing rigorous tests
Scott Moreland, Quadax Valves Inc., outlines the various tests that Quadax’s valves underwent before they were installed at an LNG terminal in Europe.

Blast test demonstration
Dean Alcott, RedGuard, USA, details how a large-scale test demonstrates efficacy of steel blast-resistant modules.

Monitor, target, report
Ronauld Weeks, Honeywell Connected Industrial, outlines best practices for energy management in today’s connected process industry.

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