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June 2017

The June issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes a timely article from Honeywell Cyber Security, discussing the increasing focus on industrial cyber security programmes. Other topics covered in this issue include site safety, heat technology, flaring and level measurement. The issue also includes a Q&A with sulfur technology experts.

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The fight for the Asian oil market
Contributing Editor, Ng Weng Hoong, cross-examines Asia's oil market over recent years and how the fight for a share in its future is intensifying.

Cyber security in the spotlight
Eric Knapp, Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security, US, discusses the new focus on industrial cyber security programmes and their importance in advancing best practices.

Raise the standard
Andrew Broadbent, API, USA, examines how the Process Safety Site Assessment Program is helping to promote a culture of process safety.

Striving for silence
Lee Nicholson, Wakefield Acoustics, UK, discusses the implementation of acoustic enclosures for blower plant items at a Malaysian petrochemical site, and how this improved site efficiency and safety.

Rising to the challenge
Ambrogio Ciceri, Boldrocchi, Italy, examines a case study where the company supplied tailored heat exchangers for a complex gas treatment unit project in Kazakhstan.

Hot topic
Vitaliy Mironov, BARTEC, Russia, describes the installation of heat tracing systems at the Syzran refinery in Russia.

Hot stuff
Ilan Toledano, Wattco, Canada, discusses the use of immersion heaters for industrial applications in chemical processing.

End-to-end emissions
John Soderstrom and Doug Allen, Zeeco Inc., USA, examine the end-to-end emissions reduction solutions available to the oil and gas industry.

Flare down
Lana Ginns, Fluenta, UK, discusses gas flaring in the 21st Century and the transformational impact of technology.

Testing tank gauging IQ
Austin Alford and Alexander Bukhman, Gauging Systems Inc., USA, evaluate the advantages of mass and volume measurements, and how they can help to increase tank gauging IQ level.

No half measures
Graeme Webb, Berthold Technologies UK Ltd, explains how engineers can achieve an indication of the level of their product, process vessel or tank by using radiometric techniques.

Measuring success
Scott Sutherland and Peter van Vuuren, SpectraSensors Inc., USA; Susan P. Harris, Endress+Hauser, USA; and Travis Miller, Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizers, USA, champion the use of process Raman spectroscopy as a method for gas-phase measurements at refineries and fertilizer plants.

A master plan
Dr. Werner Arts, LAR Process Analysers AG, Germany, discusses why versatile and reliable online measurements are required to protect a plant from the impact of oil-in-water contamination.

Sulfur Q&A
Hydrocarbon Engineering questions a number of downstream sulfur technology experts about R&D, testing and design, efficiency improvements and the overall market outlook.

15 facts on...
This month we give you 15 facts on the Far East!

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