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June 2016

This month’s issue kicks off with a close look at South Africa, where Contributing Editor Nancy Yamaguchi explains why the oil and gas sector has, in recent history, been overshadowed by coal. The Regional Report is followed by features on Flaring, Downstream Software, Tanks & Terminals and Process Instrumentation, including technical articles and case studies from some of the industry’s major players.

The issue also takes a look at the downstream recruitment challenge, providing commentary from companies and organisations operating within the industry. Finally, to round off the issue, Hydrocarbon Engineering presents its very first Catalyst Q&A, questioning some of the sector’s foremost experts on new technologies, research and development, and the catalyst market outlook.

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World News

South Africa's energy diversification
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, examines the oil and gas sector in South Africa, a market that, in recent history, has been invariably overshadowed by coal.

Thinking analytically
In light of the increasingly stringent standards for process heaters and flaring systems in industrial process plants, Massimo Baldizzone, ABB Measurement & Analytics, Italy, outlines analytical solutions to meet refinery flare monitoring requirements.

It's all in the details
David A. G. Suares, Fluor Daniel (India) Pvt. Ltd, outlines the design of a detailed and reliable flare system for a downstream facility.

Scorching solutions
Scot Smith and Christopher Filoon, Zeeco, USA, explain how the employment of direct flame monitoring technology can help operators comply with increasingly stringent flaring regulations.

Statistically speaking
John Maurer, Northwest Analytics, USA, explains why the use of statistical analysis for data processing is an integral element of quality control in superior fuel production.

Head in the clouds
Kevin Holmes, Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine, UK, discusses how the implementation of cloud technology in process plants can help to improve safety and project productivity.

A digital transformation
Andrew Hird, Honeywell Process Solutions, USA, examines the development of the industrial internet of things, and how it is helping to solve key business challenges in downstream plants.

Let's get digital
Rik Irons-Mclean, Cisco Systems, UK, describes how operators can increase worker, process and plant productivity in an ever developing digital world.

Seismic effects on ASTs
Rama Challa Ph.D. P.E, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, discusses the effects of recent earthquakes on atmospheric storage tanks (ASTs) in Cushing, Oklahoma, with a focus on framing the effects and recommending protocols in an environment of dramatically increasing activity.

Terminals of the future
Diego Comina, GE Oil & Gas, Italy, explains why a milestone LNG terminal project in Indonesia signifies the dawn of a new digital era for the oil and gas industry.

The recruitment challenge
The oil price crash has taken its toll on the industry over the past 18 months, and this, in turn, has had a profound impact on recruitment. Hydrocarbon Engineering asks companies and organisations operating within the downstream sector to provide their view on the current staffing challenge.

In with the new
Matthew Popovacki, T.A. Cook Consultants, Inc., Canada, discusses the difficulties associated with the current skills shortage and widening age gap facing Canada's oil and gas industry.

High specification separation
Victor Scalco and John Paraskos, General Atomics, USA, evaluate how the use of an electrostatic separator, online particle sensors and real time analysis can reduce catalyst fines and provide refineries with on specification clarified slurry oil to increase revenue potential.

Catalyst Q&A
Hydrocarbon Engineering talks to some of the catalyst industry's foremost experts, who share their insights on research and development, new technologies and the downstream catalyst market.

15 facts...
This month we give you 15 facts on South Africa!

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