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July 2021

The July issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on sulphur technology, corrosion/fouling control, water treatment, vapour control options and LNG pumps/expanders. This month’s regional report looks at the latest developments in Alaska and Canada’s energy sector.

This month's front cover is brought to you by IPCO.

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It’s cool
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, examines the profound challenges and adjustments facing Alaska and Canada as the demands and opportunities of the new decade gain momentum.

Removing the ‘art’ from state-of-the-art
Casey Metheral, IPCO Germany, outlines innovative solutions to a number of common issues faced by sulfur drum granulation operators and maintenance personnel.

SRU thermal stage revamps
Karen Hanlon Kinsberg, Dimitri Travlos and Attila Racz, Worley Comprimo, discuss best practices for sulfur recovery unit thermal stage revamp design.

Mercaptan scavenging revisited
Jonathan Wylde and Grahame Taylor, Clariant Oil Services, USA, examine the reaction of alkyl mercaptans with hydrogen sulfide scavengers.

Advanced column internals for fouling towers
Ang Chew Peng and Lee Siang Hua, Sulzer Chemtech, Singapore, consider high-performance anti-fouling trays and packing that can help to minimise the accumulation of foulants in towers.

The ins and outs of corrosion studies
Jim McVay, MISTRAS Group, USA, explains how corrosion studies can be used to determine potential damage mechanisms, corrosion types, and corrosion rate/potential to inform risk assessment and inspection planning.

Eco-friendly corrosion control
Kai Zhang and Renate Ruitenberg, Nalco Water, an Ecolab Company, USA, discuss an innovative non-phosphorus and non-zinc mild steel corrosion control programme for cooling water systems.

Away with the salts
Berthold Otzisk, Surjeet Kumar and Dr Michael Urschey, Kurita Europe, discuss ammonium salt removal management.

Embracing biology
Helma Hakala, VA TECH WABAG GmbH, introduces an innovative biological process for produced water treatment in Romania.

Vapour control options
Anne Himmelberg, Aron Katz, and Victor Hoffman, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, USA, assess vapour control options and introduce a suitable technology where vapour combustion technology is selected.

Expanding LNG options
Enver Karakas and Stephen Ross, Elliott Group, USA, discuss how the use of cryogenic liquid expanders in gas liquefaction enhances plant efficiency.

Optimising LNG installations
Vincent Higelin, Fives Cryomec AG, Switzerland, discusses two factors that should be considered while designing LNG installations with cryogenic pumps.

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