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July 2020

The July issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on a range of topics, including compressors, flaring, process safety, gas monitoring and digitalisation. We have a regional report looking at the latest developments in Southeast Asia, as well as our annual Pumps, Valves & Seals Review.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Elliott Group.

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World news

Southeast Asia: riding the oil price storm
Ng Weng Hoong, Contributing Editor, examines the effect of drastic oil price changes on Southeast Asia’s oil industry.

Creating a seamless digital patchwork
Duncan Micklem and Andrew McIntee, KBC, a Yokogawa Company, outline why three words have become synonymous with digitalisation initiatives and their value: analytics, connectivity, and collaboration.

Hitting a moving target
Scot J. Laney, Elliott Group, USA, presents a targeted approach to anti-fouling coatings.

Getting the most out of compressors
Jeff Monych, Sulzer, USA, looks at the issues that can impair performance and the most cost-effective solutions to optimise the performance and reliability of screw compressors in downstream applications.

It only takes a spark
Nigel Philpott, Zeeco, Europe, presents an ignition system that can be used in process facilities where instantaneous, safe, and reliable ignition of flare gas is required.

Three-point plan
David Ducharme, Advanced Energy, USA, outlines the top three considerations for flare pilot monitoring in the downstream industry.

High precision
Tom Watson, AMETEK, USA, examines a method to measure component concentration and monitor Btu values in flaring operations.

Keep costs under control
Troy Davis, Athlon, a Halliburton Service, USA, presents an overview of how a belt filter press can be optimised to reduce the cost of solids disposal.

Keeping cool
Rainer Haug, Javier Martinez, and Pere Izquierdo, Kurita Europe, examine a new technique for combatting biofouling in downstream cooling systems.

Level measurement comparison
Phil Deaton, VEGA Americas, looks at the advantages and disadvantages of differential pressure and guided wave radar technologies for level measurement in steam boiler drums.

Stepping out from the cultural leadership shadow
Dr Jason Shirley, ECP Energy & Chemical Professionals, UAE, explains the challenges to and the importance of a suitable process safety culture.

Improving plant and worker safety
Joshua Hernandez and Amanda Alexander, Emerson, explain how adding new personnel location systems and toxic gas monitoring functions via existing wireless networks can help ease implementation and save money.

Creating a culture of safety
Craig O’Neill and Steve Beynon, FLIR Systems Inc., USA, explain how hydrocarbon gas imaging can provide valuable detail to help ensure personnel safety at refineries.

Pumps, valves & seals review
Hydrocarbon Engineering presents an overview of some of the recent developments and technologies in pumps, valves and seals for the downstream sector.

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