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July 2008

On this month's cover: Sulzer Pumps has sales and service facilities in all the major markets of the world to provide a fast and fl exible response. An essential part of Sulzer Pumps' success is its focus on a number of chosen markets. The company designs and manufactures its products to meet operators' specifi c needs. This specialisation has allowed it to build a complete understanding of the processes.

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Editorial comment

World News
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Would the Last Person Leaving Please Turn Off the Lights?
As the downstream sector faces a serious loss of staff through retirement, Gordon Cope, Hydrocarbon Engineering Correspondent, asks if the industry will be able to handle it

Supply and Demand
Edward Bradley, SGS, UK, examines the global search for technical personnel

Steeling the Limelight
Fredrik Sjöholm, Outokumpu, Sweden, discusses duplex stainless steel as part of biofuel applications

Leading by Example
David Armstrong, PerkinElmer, USA, discusses biodiesel’s future success

Valve Solutions for Biofuels
Jari Kirmanen, Metso Automation, Finland, explores valve solutions for the biofuels industry

The Purpose of Pumps
Ron Adams and Brad McIntire, Sulzer Pumps, USA, examine vertically suspended pumps in petroleum transport and processing applications

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Peter Ehlers, Swagelok Company, USA, describes how to choose ball valves for alternative fuel service

No Smoking
Raffaele D’Amico and Michele I. Nazzaro, Hamworthy Combustion Engineering s.r.l., Italy, present the results of a full scale flare firing test

Relieving the Pressure
Brian Marshall and Robert Starling, Softbits Consultants Ltd, UK and Max Sed, Technip, Italy, examine how integrating software relieves the pressure of flare system design

Ground Control
Brian Duck, Callidus Technologies LLC, USA, discusses the computational fluid dynamic modelling of a ground flare

What Lies Beneath
Steve Oslica, Pittsburgh Corning, USA, looks at the role of insulation in reducing corrosion under insulation

Keeping the Heat in
Harry Walkoff, Aspen Aerogels, USA, presents a new insulation solution for high temperature industrial applications

The Next Big Wins
Steve Gibbons, AVEVA, UK, explores information management

The Road to Uniformity
Yang Dongxiang, Lu Jiazhuo and Ma Mingfei, Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd, China, study the improvement of un-uniformity of liquid fl ow on trays

Hydrogen Choices
Dennis Vauk and Bhadra Grover, Air Liquide, USA and Stefan Walter and Harald Kuttner, Lurgi GmbH, Germany, discuss hydrogen options for the refining and chemical industries

Regeneration by Evaporation
Nicholas Confuorto, BELCO, USA, provides an overview of regenerative SO2 reduction from combustion gases

State of the Art Conversions
Mike Beshara, Irving Oil, Canada, Greg Rosinski and Charles Olsen, Advanced Refining Technologies, USA, Ben Prins, Fluor Corporation, Canada, Garry Jacobs, Fluor Corporation, USA, Alan Birch, Süd Chemie AG, USA and Ernst Köhler, Süd Chemie AG, Germany, discuss the successful implementation of state of the art ULSD/dewaxing technology at Irving Oil

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