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February 2021

In the February 2021 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering, Cryostar describe how the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced rapid changes to the company’s working environments while maintaining manufacturing continuity. Our Contributing Editor, Nancy Yamaguchi, also examines the attempts of Australia’s oil and gas sector to achieve a recovery from the pandemic. Other topics in this issue include pumps and valves, LNG, gas analysers, emissions monitoring, and sulfur.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Baker Hughes.

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A year of recovery Down Under
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, reviews the steps the Australian government and petroleum sector are taking to achieve a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.

A COVID case study
Olivier Werth and Bruno Brèthes, Cryostar, France, reflect on the chain of COVID-related events which required quick adaptation and triggered innovation to ensure ‘safety-first’ while enabling turbomachinery manufacturing and service continuity.

Dual Certified PRVs
Matt Byers, Baker Hughes, USA, outlines the latest PRV trim technology available today and how to select the most appropriate trim to cover the widest range of relief conditions that pressure relief valves could experience.

Different coatings for different applications
David Swensen and Jimmy Walker, MOGAS Industries Inc., USA, examine the decision-making process for choosing the correct severe service coating for a valve.

At home on land and sea
Silvia Pelagatti, Vanzetti Engineering, Italy, offers an overview of the onshore and offshore applications of LNG pump technology.

Expanding operating mode flexibility
Galip H. Guvelioglu and Fred Yamin, Lummus Technology, USA, discuss new developments in product recovery and capacity flexibility for gas processing plants.

Clearing the air
Art Womack, Fluid Components International, USA, explores how thermal mass flow meters can be used to optimise thermal oxidiser performance and reduce HAP/VOC emissions.

Mischievous moisture
Jung-il Kim, AMETEK Process Instruments, USA, emphasises the importance of accurate measurement and analysis of moisture in process gas.

Making light work of product validation
Ryan Lerud and Hans Buytaert, Guided Wave, Inc., explain how NIR spectroscopy can be used to optimise individual product streams and assess product purity.

Solving the occlusion problem
Ted Keys and Dana Boswell, Delta Controls Corp., USA, consider the advantages of two-wavelength pyrometry temperature measurement in Claus thermal reactors.

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