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December 2016

December kicks off with a regional focus on Southeast Asia, examining petrochemical market trends and project announcements in this developing and dynamic area of the world. Next up is this month’s Clean Fuels Keynote Series article, from the Czech Republic’s Unipetrol Centre for Research and Education, which looks at methods for the assessment of marine fuel stability.

The issue also includes a wide variety of other exiting downstream topics, such as Petrochemical Processing, Turbomachinery, Software & Simulation, Safety & Risk, Sulfur, Gas Treating, Heat Technology and Precious Metals Management. Finally, we round off with 15 festive facts on Christmas!

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World News

Asia Pacific: a petrochemical powerhouse
Strong economic growth and robust demand have made Asia? Pacific an extremely attractive area for downstream operators and investors in recent years. Hydrocarbon? Engineering reviews the recent project developments occuring within the region's dynamic petrochemical industry.

Fuel for thought
Ale Vráblík, Jose Hidalgo and Radek Cern, Unipetrol Centre for Research and Education, Czech Republic, examine methods for the assessment of marine fuel stability, in order to ensure that clean and environmentally friendly fuels are suitable for further processing.

Marvellous membranes
Alex Cedillo, Honeywell UOP, USA, describes how membrane module technology developed specifically for natural gas applications with condensing conditions has helped to improve plant performance and productivity.

Weighing up the options
Gary Bowerbank, Pavan Chilukuri and Alireza Zahedimanesh, Shell ?Global Solutions International B.V., the Netherlands, explain how operators can unlock the potential of existing gas processing assets through solvent swaps.

Why amine systems fail
Philip le Grange, Mike Sheilan and Ben Spooner, Amine Experts, a division of Sulphur Experts, Inc., evaluate the evidence surrounding why amine systems fail in natural gas treating systems.

Metal management metamorphosis
Brad Cook, Sabin Metals Corporation, USA, discusses how petroleum and petrochemical refiners can enhance bottom line profits by adjusting their precious metal management programmes.

Search and identify
Graham Shelver, 908 Devices, Inc., USA, discusses the use of ballistic gas chromatography and high pressure mass spectrometry to rapidly identify hydrocarbons in complex matrices.

Discovering digital
Jaime Ruiz Cabrero and Asheesh Sastry, The Boston Consulting Group, Singapore, examine the ongoing digital revolution within Southeast? Asia's petrochemical industry, examining how the region has transformed to reap the rewards of tomorrow's technology, today.

An active enterprise 3D platform
John Bell, INOVX Solutions, USA, explains how active 3D model platforms can assist downstream operators in improving asset productivity and reducing maintenance costs.

A model solution
Marc Laing, NEL, UK, explores the use of computational fluid dynamics for flow modelling in oil and gas applications.

Onshore safety standards
Paul Hill, Hill Consultants Ltd, UK, debates whether performance standards can be applied in onshore hazardous facilities.

The third eye in the field
Benedikt Eckert, Bartec GmbH, Germany, discusses how a base oil producer used explosion proof mobility solutions to effectively protect personnel, equipment and the environment in hazardous areas during a routine inspection.

Playing with fire
Tim Hill and Ron Kessler, Quest Integrity, USA, examine how the varied inspection methods of fired heaters can provide the most comprehensive asset integrity solution.

Low maintenance mechanics
Alexander Stotz, Kelvion, Germany, describes the efficiency and easy cleaning characteristics of fully welded plate heat exchangers, based on a reboiler application in monoethylene glycol regeneration systems.

Individual standards
Peter Klotzsche, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Germany, discusses the challenging market conditions facing refiners and EPC contractors, and explains how OEM technology systems can help improve and streamline downstream processes.

Smart design
Stephen Hiner, CLARCOR Industrial Air, UK, evaluates an effective solution for the prevention of fouling in gas turbines.

Retrofit for energy savings: part two
Satyadileep Dara and Abdallah S. Berrouk, The Petroleum Institute, UAE, continue their discussion of an amine sweetening unit retrofit with a split flow scheme.

15 facts...
This month we give you 15 festive energy and Christmas facts!

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