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December 2008

On this month's cover: Air Products is the leading supplier of hydrogen to refineries worldwide. In 2008, Air Products acquired Goar, Allison & Associates, Inc. (GAA) and now offers the refi ning industry significant capital savings in the sulfur block. GAA technologies also offer tremendous value to sour gas processing and gasification plants.

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Editorial comment

World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

India's Going Global
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, gives an overview of the Indian hydrocarbon sector

Thinking Outside the Oilsands Box
Gordon Cope, Hydrocarbon Engineering Correspondent, reports on new technologies that may help save the oilsands

Your Responsible Energy Future
Andy Brittain, Shell Global Solutions International BV, examines energy efficiency, emissions reduction and carbon trading opportunities: business issues that should be of interest to all energy intensive industries

Capital Reductions
Uday N. Parekh, Maureen Carlson and Ron Jordan, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., USA and Steve Fenderson, Goar, Allison & Associates, Inc., USA, look at substantial capital reduction for hydrogen supply and sulfur recovery

Capture and Convert
Gerrit Bloemendal, Sander Kobussen and Frank Scheel, Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions, The Netherlands, look at handling mercaptans in hydrocarbon streams

High Accuracy, the Vortex Way
Peter Hein, Siemens AG, Denmark, discusses auxiliary gas flow measurement using vortex flowmeters

Incinerate the Waste
Ron Desai and Peter Pickard, Callidus Technologies LLC, USA, examine sulfur tail gas thermal oxidiser systems

Performance Standards and Risk Management
Dr Baldev Kandola, ESR Technology, UK, examines the role of performance standards and verifi cation schemes in risk management

Keeping Explosions in Isolation
Michael Davies, PROTEGO USA Inc., USA, Thomas Heidermann and Philip Bosse, PROTEGO Germany, Germany, present a new ISO standard for flame arresters to increase explosion isolation efficiency

Process Signal Integration á La Carte
André Fritsch, R. STAHL, Germany, writes about the use of remote I/Os, the fieldbus system of choice, or mix as needed

Rising Returns
Bernie Osborne and Thomas C. Cleveland, Dow Technology Licensing, USA, explain how simplifying the EO/EG process has changed the competitive landscape of ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol production, first by driving down capital costs, then by driving down operating costs and now, in 2008, by improving energy efficiency

Advanced Filtration Technology
Bekaert Advanced Filtration, Belgium, details hot gas filtration in the production process of 1.2-dicholoroethane

The Power of Structured Packing
Glenn Shiveler and Daniel Egger, Sulzer Chemtech, discuss the advantages of TEG contactors equipped with MellapakPlus® structured packing and high performance separators

One Stop Shop
Dick Llorens, Gemini Industries Inc., USA, discusses the advantages of the company’s new precious metals recovery facility

Valve Maintenance
Donald H. Johnson, CRANE Energy Flow Solutions™ Pacific® Pressure Seal Valves, USA, explains causes of and solutions to pressure locking and thermal bonding in wedge gate and parallel slide gate valves

Product News

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