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August 2008

On this month's cover: INTERCAT is the leading supplier of FCC additives and addition systems. With over 25 additive products, their FCC additives and addition systems allow refi ners to make the most of the synergies that exist in the FCC unit so that they may continually optimise yields and reduce emissions.

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Editorial comment

World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

The Central Country
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, examines the Chinese energy market and its role in Asia and the wider world

Improving the Steam Cracking Process
Curtis Eng, Michael Tallman, John Owens, and Larry Gilbert, KBR, USA, look at recent ethylene plant technology improvements

Breaking Technology
Dr. Richard Martin and Craig Rosencutter, Callidus Technologies, LLC, USA, give an overview of next generation burner technology for ethylene cracking furnaces

Raising the Bar
Jim Nelson, River Consulting, USA, discusses compressor station automation

The Evolutionary Chain
Martin R. Habel, Solar Turbines Incorporated, USA, explores the evolution of compressor technology

Strict Environmental Requirements
Takao Koga, Kobelco Edti Compressors, Inc., USA, reports on the change from centrifugal and reciprocating to screw compressors in oil refi nery services

Make the Most of Opportunities
Frits de Jongh and Ron Mercier, TurboCare, The Netherlands, explore centrifugal compressor rerates

Continuous Optimisation of FCC Catalyst
Darren Verrenkamp, Intercat Inc., presents a dynamic approach for today’s changing feedstock and product slate requirements

The Growing Gela Refinery
Prof. Ing. Romano Fiore, APS Engineering Company Roma, Italy, gives an overview of the Gela refi nery's continuing upgrade

Next Generation SRU Control
Gerton Molenaar, Jacobs Canada Inc., Canada and Aernout Henning and Sander Kobussen, Jacobs Nederland BV, The Netherlands, examine the implementation of a new burner control with ABB’s acid gas analyser at Suncor Simonette Gas Plant

The Future of Forming
Brian Pyke, Enersul, Canada, describes the reinvention of the granulator

Contractors Directory

Inhibiting High Temperature Sulfidic Corrosion in a Refinery
C.J. Claesen, Nalco Company, Energy Services Division, Belgium, and S.A. Lordo and Glenn Scattergood, Nalco Energy Services Division, USA, discuss the inhibition of high temperature sulfidic corrosion in lab evaluations and refi nery applications

Supportive Partnerships
Jose Simon and John Baxtrem, Honeywell Process Solutions, explain how to make support strategies truly strategic

Combination is the Key
Thomas Beuker, ROSEN Technology and Research Center, Germany, examines the advantages of detecting metal loss and pipeline wall thinning with a combination of ultrasonic testing and magnetic flux leakage

There is Modelling in the Air
Jeremy Provost, GEA-BTT, France, discusses the use of computational fluid dynamics in air cooled heat exchanger design

Product News

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