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April 2023

The April issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering begins with a regional report examining the trends in production and petroleum product demand in the MENA region. Key topics in this issue include CCUS, sustainability, emissions reduction, and valve technology. The issue also includes our annual Sulfur Review.

This month's front cover is brought to you by MOGAS Industries Inc..

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Local market growth in MENA
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses the trends in production and petroleum product demand in the MENA region, and unpacks the knock-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Capturing the right opportunities
Dr. José-Francisco Pérez-Calvo, Sulzer Chemtech, outlines what hydrocarbon processing facilities should consider when investing in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

Sustainable chemicals enabled by circularity
Andrew Reynolds and Andreas Bormann, Technip Energies, consider ways in which the chemical industry is adapting in order to meet the net zero challenge.

Plastic waste: the crude oil of the third millennium
Dr. Sander Willems, Antonio Batistini, Andrea Angeletti and Barbara Morico, Maire Tecnimont Group, Italy, discuss the company’s circular recycling model that is aimed at maximising the valorisation of plastic waste.

Know thyself, know thy enemy
Duncan Mitchell, KBC (A Yokogawa company), explains how integrated process and energy models are capable of providing critical insight in the battle against emissions reduction.

Know your limitations
Asmaa Kassab and David Ashwill, MOGAS Industries Inc., USA, discuss fugitive emission technology limitations in severe service valves.

Reliable valve operation
Dhanesh Bhaskaran, Valmet, India, details the valve-related challenges and solutions associated with molsieve dryer processes.

Performance under pressure
Eric Sallee and Laura Ball, OsecoElfab, USA, explain how to minimise over-pressure risks and maximise performance with rupture discs in a refining or chemical processing facility.

Reaping the benefits of optimisation
Peter Trefzer, Dr. Laurent Solliec and Norbert Strieder, GEA Wiegand, explore how to reduce a refinery’s operating costs by way of optimising vacuum systems.

Minor improvements for significant savings
Johannes Poth, Integrated Global Services, introduces a technology for reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in fired heaters.

Delivering a greener product
Michael F. Ray and Michael J. Ray, ThioSolv, USA, discuss the use of refinery sulfur processing in anaerobic digester gas clean-up.

Sulfur Review
In this year’s annual Sulfur Review, Hydrocarbon Engineering presents a selection of sulfur services and technologies that are available and in use within the downstream oil and gas sector.

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