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April 2017

The April issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes our annual Sulfur Review, as well as features on heat exchangers, filtration systems, petrochemical processing, flow measurement and fractional distillation. This month’s regional report examines the potential for refinery and petrochemical developments in Sub Saharan Africa.

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A wounded lion
Sub Saharan Africa has great potential for refinery and petrochemical development, while facing tremendous challenges. Contributing Editor, Gordon Cope, examines the region’s achievements thus far, and what to expect in the future.

Dealing with dual drives
Drew Robb, Contributor, USA, explains how dual drive configurations boosted reliability and improved economics at a Middle Eastern petrochemical facility and US natural gas sites.

Mastering energy efficiency
Mike Buettner, Alfa Laval, Asia, outlines how petrochemical producers can optimise condenser heat recovery in their aromatics processes.

Picking low hanging fruit
Robert Broad, GESMEX, UK, discusses reducing costs and optimising processes with regard to heat exchanger technologies used in downstream facilities.

A 3D vision
Asfak Piludiya and Subrata Saha, Reliance Industries, India, discuss how 3D modelling offers a smarter way to fix nozzle orientations for distillation columns experiencing complex internals.

A modular C2 splitter
Stan Lam, Koch Modular Process Systems LLC, USA, describes a project where the company designed and supplied a distillation system that enabled ethylene recovery from purge gas streams.

Managing wash beds
Gregory Cantley, Marathon Petroleum Company LP, USA, and Lowell Pless, Johnson Matthey Process Technology – Tracerco, USA, discuss a method to optimise the wash bed in crude vacuum towers.

A mystery solved
For decades there has been a marked uncertainty regarding the operation of steam jet ejectors in downstream facilities. Jim Lines, Graham Corporation, USA, reviews the functionality, performance and considerations of this important technology.

Ceramic saviour
M. Giavazzi, Boldrocchi Srl, Italy, weighs up the advantages and disadvantages of operating high temperature filtration using ceramic candle filters instead of typical felt bags.

Polishing up
Barry Park, OEM Group, UK, discusses contamination during fuel production and the advantages of integrating fuel polishing into downstream processing.

Make the switch
Jim DeLee, Fluid Components International, USA, discusses how natural gas fractionation process facilities rely on flow switches for relief valve leak monitoring.

The 'cash registers' of the industry
Neil Bowman, NEL, UK, examines the importance of accurate flow measurement within the oil and gas industry.

The times they are a changing
Meena Chauhan, Integer Research Ltd, UK, examines the major changes in the global sulfur industry over the last few years and what implications these will have going forward.

Sulfur review
Hydrocarbon Engineering presents a selection of sulfur technologies and services currently available to plant and refinery operations.

15 Facts
This month we give you 15 facts on Africa!

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