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GEODynamics introduces professional grade perforating systems

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GEODynamics’ Engineered Perforating Solutions Division has introduced FracIQ PRO™, a perforating system tailored for multi-stage plug-and-perf operations. The new patent-pending system combines professional grade gun loading and assembly features with FracIQ™ Limited Entry Perforating shaped charges. The charges deliver constant hole sizes and penetration depths in wells regardless of gun position, well casing or formation type. Constant-sized casing holes improve fracture planning by providing optimum pressure diversion while constant rock penetration creates repeatable breakdown pressures. Optimum pressure diversion means better fracture treatments, lower costs and ultimately more productive wells.

The system’s new perforating gun technology incorporates redundant grounding for reliable firing with any switch system, and threaded gun-to-gun connections that eliminate hand wiring at the well site. Troubleshooting the gun string is now exceedingly simple. At the well site, a gun sub that doesn’t yield a positive electrical test can be quickly unscrewed from the string and replaced. The FracIQ PRO system is available in 0.30 in. 0.35 in., 0.40 in., 0.50 in. holes sizes, and with GEODynamics’ FracIQ shaped charge technology for optimum shot placement.

During extensive field trials, US service companies successfully deployed over 10 000 GEODynamics FracIQ PRO perforating systems for pump-down, plug-and-perf operations. The systems employ standard subs and, hence, do not incur additional project costs. Compared to traditional guns, FracIQ PRO gun lengths are shorter, reducing steel costs while providing easier handling operations. Every aspect of the new perforating system is designed to save operating time and costs, while improving reliability and safety.

Jason Ansley, Perforating Wireline Applications Engineer, stated, “This system sets the standard for unconventional perforating hardware. FracIQ PRO provides breakthrough technology advancements and time savings without an increase to cost. The system is streamlined to deliver secured connections, redundant ground paths, and a reduction in failure points while increasing job efficiencies. Through its unique Zero-Tension connector, FracIQ PRO offers easy field assembly and innovative troubleshooting opportunities.”

FracIQ PRO is the result of GEODynamics’ engineering and development efforts and is part of a broader perforating tool box that allows operators to choose the best perforating system to reduce risk and maximise productivity of their horizontal well completion. The new perforating system is also available with the company’s innovative charge orientation systems: SandIQ PRO™ Optimised Perforating for Diversion which produces perforating tunnels that are tilted in the direction of fluid flow for improved proppant placement and FracPlane PRO™ Limited Entry Perforating systems that connect transversely to formation fracture planes.

“We design, engineer and manufacture these perforating systems for wireline professionals who deal with the everyday challenges of deploying reliable perforating tools safely and quickly to customer well sites,” said David Ambler, Perforating Product Line Manager.

Cameron Kirkpatrick, Vice President of Sales, added, “This new gun system saves significantly more time at the gun loading shop, and reduces job preparation procedures at the well site by approximately 75%. Customers tell us that trouble-shooting has never been this easy.”

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