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NZ Petroleum Exploration and Production Association appoints new CEO

Oilfield Technology,

Cameron Madgwick has been appointed as the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Cameron will join the PEPANZ team from 22 September 2014.

Cameron has a background as a lawyer and governance professional in the energy sector. He has refocused his career to a more community engagement role. His specific legal skillset covers corporate advisory and governance, monitoring and assurances, intellectual property, regulatory and dispute resolution.

His most recent role at New Zealand Oil and Gas was as the Community Engagement Manager.

Cameron also has extensive experience in the NGO sector as Chairman of Community Law Centres o Aotearoa and governance roles with other NGOs.

Benefits of a strong and robust oil and gas industry

“I’m a Taranaki boy – born and bred, so I know first-hand how a strong and robust oil and gas industry can truly benefit communities – both their financial and social well-being,” CEO of PEPANZ, Cameron Madgwick said.

“My experience in working on the ground in community engagement has taught me that there is an information gap, people who are not familiar with the oil and gas sector need more information about how our sector operates. I believe our Association can play a larger role in filling that void, giving communities someone to talk to, and information they can rely on.

“My vision for PEPANZ is to provide solid and accessible information to communities, to grow the financial contribution our sector makes to the well-being of New Zealand’s economy in an environmentally responsible way and to work across the board with all interested parties to create an energy future we can all be proud of,” said Cameron Madgwick.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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