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Bureau of Economic Geology data to help uncover new insights

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Oilfield Technology,

Elsevier has announced that content from the Bureau of Economic Geology is now available in the company’s information solution for exploration and development, Geofacts.

The Bureau’s content will help both conventional and unconventional oil and gas companies uncover insights potentially leading to the discovery of economically viable hydrocarbons in Texas, particularly in the hot Permian and Gulf Coast Basins, as well as other tight oil and shale gas plays in Texas.

The Bureau’s data has been enhanced and digitised in Geofacets, making its maps, figures and table data easily discoverable and ready to be used in exploration and development workflows. Over 5500 maps (4000 georeferenced), 1700 figures and 200 tables will be added to Geofacets from Bureau content.

The maps, figures and tables are sourced from 'Geological Circulars, Reports of Investigations, and Atlases of Major Oil and Gas Reserves'. This integration will add to Geofacets’ existing content portfolio, which consists of more than 1.5 million maps, figures and tables from nearly 100 publications. The additional content is focused around natural resource exploration; for example, borehole/core location, play (fairway), well location (oil/gas), structural geology and tectonics, sedimentology and stratigraphy data. The additional maps, figures and tables from the Bureau of Economic Geology will support geoscientists in making confident decisions on the investment potential of new exploration opportunities.

Geofacets is a geoscience solution that enables comprehensive, in-depth research of surface and subsurface geology, regardless of the individual specialties or information needs of geoscientists. Geofacets allows geoscientists to spend more time analysing and acting on information, instead of searching for it, helping companies of all sizes to prioritise opportunities, optimise resources and manage risk.

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