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North sea oil workers lose faith in unions

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According to a new report, North Sea oil and gas workers believe that they are not protected against losing their jobs after the drop in wages and working conditions blamed on the current downturn. Many workers feel that the unions representing them have failed to stand up to the large companies. surveyed over 1000 oil and gas industry workers. The survey revealed that 75% of the industry participants don’t believe unions are doing enough to protect workers pay or conditions in the current downturn.

The majority of the UK North Sea oil and gas workers revealed that they are opposed to striking, but admit their counterparts in Norway, The Netherlands and other European countries have much better protection of their rights and aren’t suffering as much as the UK Sector.

38% of those surveyed within the UK North Sea sector felt the only way to make their voices heard and protect their rights would be to strike.

At least 75% of the participants felt the Unions do not do enough to protect jobs or workers’ rights, as oil and gas companies cut employment level, salaries, benefits and conditions.

A significant majority wanted to see improved representation rather than an end to it. 80% of oil and gas workers say that the industry now needs a new independent organisation to be set up to represent oil and gas workers interests.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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