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Centek success in Texas

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Centek Group has enjoyed a storming year in West Texas with shipments of more than 52 000 centralisers being run in 175 Permian Basin wells. This represents a 64% increase in sales over the previous fiscal year.

The Permian Basin wells are almost all unconventional oil wells. Centek’s S2 centraliser, with its combination of strength, flexibility and low friction, has proved extremely successful, predominately on the production string in both the lateral section and the build section, with some lateral sections being around 10 000ft in length.

“We have used Centek since we started drilling horizontal wells, and we see these centralisers as a key factor in our success in drilling 8500-10 000ft laterals with zero problems,” said one West Texas operator. “We recently ran 225 Centek S2 centralisers into a well and it was the easiest run to TD that we have seen in this field.”

Failures in cement integrity in the frack zones and around the intermediate shoe are a principle cause of well leakage after fracking, leading to live annulus problems and a possible reduction in production. Texas has some of the toughest regulations for well integrity in the US. Centek centralisers provide the excellent centralisation and fluid circulation required to give a robust cement sheath, as required by the Texas RRC, which ensures the integrity, production and overall life of the well.

“This sales success is due to our engineers knowing the market and their customers, allied to product performance, reliability and availability to meet customer demand,” said Cliff Berry, Vice-President, Global Business Development at Centek Group. “It is also about price as in the present regulatory environment end-users want risk free operation which in the long term saves them time and money.”

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

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