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GDF Suez: A World of Energy

Oilfield Technology,

GDF Suez has released A World of Energy, a publication that brings together the key energy indicators for the year. The 2013 edition highlights the falling cost of photovoltaic power, the abundance of coal, and confirmation of the decisive role played by shale gas and oil.

The report traces the major features of global energy trends and industry highlights for 2012-2013. It focuses particularly on the shale oil and gas ‘revolution’, the global growth in renewables, and the problems faced by the energy sector in Europe.

The publication aims to provide an overview of energy fundamentals, putting their size and development into perspective. The analyses of energy statistics published in A World of Energy are the result of wide-ranging collaboration between GDF Suez experts.

A world of energy that is changing quickly and radically
Demand for energy continues to grow, with the strongest demand coming from non-OECD or ‘emerging’ countries, which will generate over 80% of additional demand for gas and electricity between now and 2035. At the same time, a fundamental global trend is emerging with the development of renewables and energy efficiency initiatives. This represents a radical change in the energy landscape, driven by renewables whose business model is increasingly moving towards a decentralisation of energy generation, and energy efficiency policies that will influence demand, even in high-growth countries.

A stronger competitive position for natural gas
Natural gas is becoming increasingly influential in the global energy mix, largely thanks to the shale gas boom, which could extend global resources from 60 years to 250 years. Many gas infrastructure projects are emerging to supply high-growth markets, and opportunities are appearing in response to demand driven by growing urbanisation, the development of industrial parks and niche markets, including retail LNG.

The publication A World of Energy can be accessed here.

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