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GeoTeric launches Cognitive Interpretation

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As an industry, billions are spent on acquiring and processing the best quality seismic data possible, in order to make informed decisions when drilling wells and producing oil and gas. With the vast quantities of data generated, it is easy for interpreters to get into a ‘cognitive overload’ situation, thus leading to confusion rather than understanding, and often a waste of time and money.

Making full use of human cognition is vital

Computers are able to give us rapid, high resolution, objective and fully volumetric results. However, interpretation of these results involves matching what we see with what we know a geological feature looks like. This is a complex challenge that no computer can carry out as efficiently or as effectively as the human brain. This is why making full use of human cognition is vital in next generation interpretation systems.

Developed to better harness cognitive capabilities, GeoTeric® is different from previous interpretation technologies in combining the power of computational approaches with an appreciation of the importance of the human element in interpretation, hence the label Cognitive Interpretation.

GeoTeric is the only complete Cognitive Interpretation™ System, allowing operators to see the geology in the seismic data before interpreting.

Comment from GeoTeric

Jonathan Henderson, Managing Director for GeoTeric said: “We have developed Cognitive Interpretation to allow geologists and geophysicists to use their cognitive capabilities as effectively as possible and therefore generate the most accurate and detailed seismic interpretation possible. It adds considerable value to both conventional interpretation and QI workflows, ultimately helping clients to reduce time and cost, and improve decision-making”.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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