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Cintec releases inflatable tank for fracking use

Oilfield Technology,

Cintec has announced the addition of a new 64,000-litre tank to the Waterwall line of self-inflating tanks. The Lagoon, a portable, inflatable hexagonal tank, provides an easy-to-install, environmentally conscious alternative to digging permanent reservoirs for hydraulic fracturing.

Fracking requires vast amounts of water, typically stored in a separate, artificially made reservoir during the exploration and extraction processes. When testing sites are used for only a short time, this means creating a permanent ecological change for a temporary operation.

With Cintec’s portable, inflatable tank, however, hydraulic fracturing projects can have access to a large water supply without the added labor of building a reservoir and creating a lasting environmental impact. When testing is completed, the Lagoon can be emptied, deflated, and moved to another site.

The Lagoon is based on the innovative technology found in Cintec’s Waterwall line of self-inflating blast protection structures. Constructed from a PVC-coated material and internally reinforced with a specialised stitching technique, the new tank is strong enough to hold massive quantities of water and durable enough to be stay intact when placed on uneven ground. Approximately 9.15m x 7.95m, the hexagonal lagoon is constructed of 4.2m-long walls, each with an inflated width of 335mm.

In addition, the Lagoon features a filtration insert for the removal of debris. The tank floor is outfitted with double block supports to allow free passage of filtrated liquids, which are then drained and recycled for further use. Cintec plans to extend this line with more fracking-specific features, including optional heaters to keep the water from freezing in colder climates. The company also plans to produce even larger pools, capable of storing up to 100,000 litres.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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