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BJ Services sets cementing world record in Gulf of Mexico

Oilfield Technology,

BJ Services Co. recently set a world record for cementing the longest solid expandable tubular liner for an operator in the Gulf of Mexico. The 6935 ft (pre-expansion length) 7 5/8 in. liner was set and successfully cemented with a shoe depth below 20 000 ft (6000 m). The company used a specially formulated XtremeSet™ cement slurry system to overcome challenges with isolating the deep wellbore section, including bottomhole static temperatures of 368 °F (187 °C).
According to John St. Clergy, Product Line Technology Manager for Cementing, BJ Services, ‘It provides further validation that properly designed cementing systems and good cementing practices enable the continued exploration and development of deeper, more remote reservoirs around the world.’
Overcoming challenges
To effectively seal the annulus in the operation, the company formulated the XtremeSet slurry to remain fluid for more than 15 hrs downhole, permitting the expansion of the liner. BJ cementing specialists conducted extensive laboratory testing and simulation modelling to determine the proper circulating temperature for the application and precise additive package. The custom slurry formulation weighted 18.7 ppg (2.24 g/cc) against a mud weight of 17.9 ppg (2.14 g/cc). The system performed as designed, yielding good density control, minimal fluid loss and zero free water. After drillout and a leakoff test to 19 ppg (2.28 g/cc) equivalent mud weight, the operator commenced drilling with no need for remedial operations.
Family of cementing systems
XtremeSet slurries are part of the company’s Set for Life family of cementing systems, each designed to solve a challenging well condition including hydrogen sulfide infiltration, shallow water flow, gas migration and high bottomhole temperatures. The systems can be combined to achieve multiple desired slurry characteristics such as flexible, lightweight and CO2 resistant compositions for operators involved in critical applications.

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