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Canada lays out hydraulic fracturing guidelines

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Canada’s National Energy Board has released its Filing Requirements for onshore drilling operations involving hydraulic fracturing. These Filing Requirements address the unique aspects of hydraulic fracturing within the NEB’s mandate under the Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act (COGOA) to promote safety, environmental protection, and the conservation of oil and gas resources for onshore drilling and production in the North. Regulated companies are required to begin following these Filing Requirements immediately when applying for any operations authorisation drilling involving hydraulic fracturing.

The Board has undertaken extensive engagement in the North on its regulation of hydraulic fracturing. This included meeting with communities, land claim organisations, elders, youth, legislators, federal and territorial government departments and regulated companies. The Filing Requirements seek to address specific concerns that were heard as a part of this engagement.

“The Board has heard the concerns of Canadians and is committed to continually improving the safety of hydraulic fracturing in Canada,” said Gaétan Caron, the NEB’s Chair and CEO. “One of the ways the Board does this is by clearly communicating what it requires of regulated companies for hydraulic fracturing and holding those companies accountable.”

Promoting safety, environment and oil and gas resource conservation

The Board does not view these requirements to be static. The Filing Requirements will be updated periodically to reflect any relevant changes around the practice of hydraulic fracturing so that Board decisions on COGOA-regulated activities continue to promote safety, protection of the environment and conservation of oil and gas resources in the North.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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