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Weather Unlocked launches service for energy sector

Oilfield Technology,

Weather Unlocked has announced the release of WeatherTrigger, a pioneering service for the energy sector designed to help automate business decisions based on the weather.

WeatherTrigger is an API which uses weather data to automate weather sensitive business decisions. It can be used to anticipate localised spikes and dips in demand for a product or service, and coordinate output accordingly.

Business applications

For example, a bottled gas supplier could integrate WeatherTrigger into their distribution management system to identify regions forecast to experience cold weather. This data could be used to trigger distribution of gas to these areas, or to activate marketing pushes to consumers in those regions. WeatherTrigger is also ideal for coordinating the allocation of staff and resources for weather sensitive operations in order to optimise output and minimise waste.

WeatherTrigger is unique because of its flexibility and programmability. It can integrate into websites, apps, and commercial software. It works by querying past, current and forecast weather data for worldwide locations. The user decides what types of weather conditions to query, and assigns actions to the various outcomes. If the conditions are met, the assigned action is triggered within the host application.

WeatherTrigger is a powerful tool because it can be used to ensure production meets weather-driven demand at all times, thus maximising revenue. Weather-optimisation is highly effective because minor changes in the weather can have a massive impact on profits in many sectors such as energy, retail, food, clothing, tourism, distribution, transport and construction.


Product director John Armstrong commented: “Weather is a huge driver of sales, and yet it can be very volatile. WeatherTrigger is a unique solution for businesses looking to optimise their production by anticipating weather driven demand. With WeatherTrigger, businesses can weatherproof their operations and generate greater profit.”

WeatherTrigger is highly accurate and offers global weather coverage, very fast response times, and comes with error logging and analytics reporting.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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