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DNV & Statoil to cooperate to enhance arctic competence

Oilfield Technology,

There is growing interest to commercialise and exploit the Arctic region, through tourism and exploitation of natural resources, but ti does throw up some unique problems due to the extreme conditions, which make operating in the area  difficult.

To be able to meet the particular Arctic challenges with sound knowledge and safe technologies, Statoil and DNV are launching the Arctic Competence Escalator (ACE) programme. This has been developed to enhance the expertise of our own specialists and to share and improve solutions for specific Arctic issues.

“We will implement the ACE Programme as a joint effort because we have similar ambitions and backgrounds. We have a long history of successful technology collaboration. Although this is an internal programme, we aim to share our developments with the industry,” says Ørbeck-Nilssen.

“Statoil already has many years of experience of Arctic offshore operations, for example in the Barents Sea and at Newfoundland in Canada. But the Arctic is a highly diverse part of the world and operating in the more challenging areas, with longer distances, lower temperatures and ice-covered waters, may require enhanced knowledge and solutions. I hope the ACE programme will be an important driver in obtaining these. Deep insight matched with respect for the Arctic’s particular conditions will be necessary to manage the risks in this promising but sensitive part of the world,” says Morten Karlsen, head of Statoil’s Arctic Technology Research Programme.

Adapted from press release by Peter Farrell.

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