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BWA joins Rice Brine Chemistry Consortium

Oilfield Technology,

BWA Water Additives has joined the Rice Brine Chemistry Consortium.

The Consortium, part of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Rice University, performs research, testing, education and technology transfer to solve problems related to brine production in the oil and gas industry.  Consortium members include leading companies such as Chevron, Halliburton, Petrobas, Schlumberger, and Shell.

Rice Brine Consortium Co-Director, Amy T. Kan, said of BWA Water Additives’ joining the Consortium, “We are pleased to have BWA Water Additives as our newest member-partner because BWA brings a wealth of scale inhibition technology and expertise to help in pursuing joint research and technology transfer goals with the oil and gas industry.”

According to BWA Water Additives Executive Chairman and CEO, Dr. David W. Cartmell , “BWA Water Additives is a highly innovative technology company with core capabilities in scale control. Partnership with the Consortium and its member companies will help us to better understand the challenges with scale control applications in the oil and gas market and bring us closer to our customers.”

Adapted from press release by Callum O'Reilly

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