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Energy is a key issue for Americans

Oilfield Technology,

According to a new Harris Interactive poll released by the API, strong majorities of voters support increased access to domestic oil and natural gas resources, regardless of party affiliation, gender or age.


‘Almost all voters agreed energy issues were important to them, including 90% of Democrats and 94% of Independents, with 9 our o 10 republicans saying the were very important,’ said API President and CEO Jack Gerard. ‘Energy was a big winner in this election. The president repeatedly voiced his support for more oil and natural gas as part of an all of the above energy strategy. And clear majorities in our poll say there is a strong tie between domestic energy development and much needed new jobs. They overwhelmingly support more access to US oil and gas resources that policymakers have been keeping off limits.’

The stats

68% of voters agreed that increased taxes on oil and natural gas companies hurt everyone because it could drive up energy costs for consumers. The telephone poll of 827 voters found strong support for building the Keystone XL pipeline, a level of support that crossed party lines: 60% of Democrats supported the Keystone XL, as did 76% of Independents and 92% of Republicans.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd.

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