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More ‘Rally for Jobs’ news

Oilfield Technology,

Some 750 concerned citizens organised by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and other partners attended a ‘Rally for Jobs’ held in Canton, Ohio on 7th September 2010.

The rally was another opportunity for the millions of men and women whose livelihoods depend on the oil and natural gas industry, as well as countless consumers who rely on access to affordable energy, to express their concerns about harmful proposals being considered in Congress. The rally was the fourth in a series to take place in five states during the congressional recess period.


‘Today energy citizens in Canton sent a clear signal to Congress that lawmakers should refocus their efforts on reviving our economy and creating jobs,’ said Jack Gerard, CEO and president of API. ‘US unemployment is high and Americans are increasingly concerned about the slow pace of economic recovery.’

The oil and natural gas industry supports 230 000 jobs in Ohio and accounts for almost 4.5% of the state’s economy. Nationwide, the industry supports 230 000 jobs in Ohio and accounts for almost 4.5% of the state’s economy, and has invested nearly US$ 2 trillion in US capital projects since 2000. Oil and natural gas deployment is critical to the economic future of Ohio and the entire nation.

‘With these rallies, we are reminding Congress and the public of the vital role that oil and natural gas play, and will continue to play, in our nation’s energy and economic future,’ Gerard said. ‘We must ensure that policies are not implemented that would jeopardise jobs, threaten our nation’s energy security and limit our ability to produce the energy this country needs.’

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