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Norwegian offshore O&G strike called off at last-minute

Oilfield Technology,

Norway’s offshore oil and gas workers have cause to celebrate as they received a 3.4% pay increase as the result of a threatened strike. The strike was called off at the last minute as Unions and the government finally agreed upon the increase.

Roar Flaathen, head of the LO union said, “This is a responsible and fair settlement, which takes into account jobs and businesses, and ensures that the purchasing power of the lowest paid gets an extra boost.”

It is vital for the Norwegian government to keep its offshore fields operational, as the country’s economy and reputation as a stable zone for oil and gas development are heavily dependent on their uninterrupted operation. A strike last year, which was eventually ended by government intervention, saw the global oil price rise by US$ 2 per bbl.

If it had gone ahead, this most recent strike would have seen 17 000 employees halt operations, including those at two key bases that supply major offshore facilities with food and fuel. The strike would also have resulted in the shutting of key industries and the disruption of traffic at Oslo’s airport.




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