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Spectrum announces 3D multi-client merge project offshore Australia

Oilfield Technology,

Spectrum ASB, the Australian subsidiary of Spectrum, has released a new large scale 3D multi-client seismic merge dataset. This amalgamation of key surveys encompasses over 30 000 km2 of the Carnarvon Basin situated off the west and northwest coast of Western Australia (also known as the NW Shelf). This area is considered Australia’s premier hydrocarbon province.

Most hydrocarbons found in the basin are sourced from Upper Jurassic Dingo Claystone, with possible input from other source intervals. In the outboard Rankin Platform, giant gas accumulations as well as oil and gas accumulations along the inboard eastern Gipsy-Rose-Lee Trend are sourced from a delta based Triassic to Middle Jurassic sequence.

The oil reservoir is primarily in the Windalia Sandstone Member of the Muderong Shale and the Lower Cretaceous Barrow Group, which has excellent reservoir characteristics. Late Cretaceous and middle Miocene faulted anticlines provide structural traps.

A wide range of play types is found within this basin, including rollover anticlines and fault blocks associated with antithetic faults, stratigraphic traps, pinchouts and onlap plays.

The company’s 3D dataset will provide a valuable tool for pursuing these multiple play types and for those companies interested in participating in the current Australian hydrocarbon bid rounds. Spectrum’s newly merged data covers several open blocks included in the 2010/2011 bid round.

The 3D merge encompasses 30 surveys in total, all carefully balanced and phase matched by Spectrum ASB’s experienced geophysicists. The results of this undertaking give a high resolution overview of the Carnarvon Basin.

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