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Searcher announces 17 000km 3D seismic project

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Totalling approximately 17 700 km2, the seismic project is a merge of three existing surveys. The Holok Alvardo 3D (2003), the Cequi 3D (2010) and the Boloi Norte-Balche-Xulum 3D (2003).

Rachel Masters, Global Sales Manager for Searcher, said the project is located in one of Mexico’s most prominent offshore exploration areas, with several proven oil and gas discoveries.

“The new 3D Ultracube extends over 260 km in the southern part of the Campeche Bay area and will provide new depth imaging of the Southern Campeche – Sigsbee Basin and also parts of the offshore Comalcalco Basin.

“The southern part of Mexican Ridges in the Veracruz Basin are also covered by the new South Campeche Ultracube.

“An important factor to note, in this low oil-price environment, is 75% of the South Campeche Ultracube is located in waters less than 1000 m in depth; with the shallowest water depth being approximately 30 m,” Ms Masters added.

The South Campeche Ultracube includes coverage of areas in Rounds 2 and 3 and is competitively priced for oil companies to utilise in their exploration efforts.

The project includes a very thorough pre-stack imaging and post-stack processing sequence which is staged in two parts. Firstly, the pre-processing produces high S/N ratio, broadband data and secondly, imaging using TTI Kirchhoff and RTM technologies to properly image the subsurface, often with extensive salt pillows and diapirs.

ARES B approval has been granted and processing of the project will commence shortly. It is expected that fast track products will be available in approximately six months and final volumes will be available in Quarter 2, 2017.

Adapted from a press release  by Louise Mulhall


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