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Adrok develops revolutionary exploration technology

Oilfield Technology,

Adrok Group Ltd has developed revolutionary technology known as the atomic dielectric resonance (ADR) scanner, which has the ability to identify and image any substance down to molecular or atomic level.

The technique provides exploration companies and operators with the capability to pinpoint the location of hydrocarbons before costly drilling programmes begin. ADR also has the ability to quantify oil or gas reserves, give insights into the mix of sand and water, map geological structures to a higher resolution and undertake scans of large remote areas.

How the technology works

Companies specialising in natural resources can use this data for subsurface exploration, to develop new reserves and to monitor their producing fields. The technology is currently being used primarily during onshore exploration although some offshore activity has been undertaken.

Reaching depths of up to 4 km, the technology works by learning how different substances, including hydrocarbons, interact with the light waves passing through them, which are then reflected back to the surface. The system measures the resonance of the rock and how it reflects the light wave. The tool is then trained to determine how different types of rock interact with the wave, in order to identify others.

Middle East expansion

The company has signed a deal with International Business Development Co. LLC (IBD Group), expanding its services into the Middle East. The agreement with IBD Group will involve Adrok’s technology being licenced to the group who will provide the ADR scanner directly to oil and gas companies in the region.

Test areas for ADR have included Scotland’s deepest onshore and volcanic sites, Omani desserts, the Canadian Arctic circle, as well as offshore locations.

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