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More US oil and natural gas development

Oilfield Technology,

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has said that according to a new poll, 75% of Connecticut voters are in favour of increased access to domestic sources of oil and natural gas. On top of this a full 90% of voters said energy security and increased domestic production are very important.

‘Connecticut voters understand that energy choices are critical to job creation and the economy,’ said Connecticut Petroleum Council executive director Steve Guveyan. ‘For the first time in decades, the US has the opportunity to develop the energy it will need from its own abundant oil and natural gas resources. We should support developing more American made energy and controlling our energy future.’

‘Governor Dan Mallony’s proposed Comprehensive Energy Strategy calls for increased access to US natural gas and for more efficient use of both oil and natural gas in order to help bring down consumer costs,’ Guveyan said. ‘If we seize the opportunity now and support it with sound policy decisions the US can realise the economic and energy security benefits of that leadership, while providing the energy that Connecticut needs.'

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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