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Impax comments on world energy investment

Oilfield Technology,

Impax Asset Management Group plc, has welcomed the publication of the IEA special report on world energy investment and the following comments were made by Ian Simm, Chief Executive of Impax:

‘The World Energy Investment Outlook by the IEA is an impressive and comprehensive overview of global energy investment trends. It highlights major issues that must be addressed to secure global energy supplies without causing catastrophic changes to our planet’s climate.

‘Decisions to commit capital to the energy sector are increasingly shaped by governments but mobilising private capital will be critical. Policymakers must provide clear and consistent signals to investors in order to reduce political and regulatory uncertainties. A lack of clarity also increases the risk of fossil fuel investments becoming stranded. This report estimates that around US$ 300 billion may be left stranded by stricter climate policies. There is still much work to do to marry investment instruments and investor appetite with low carbon energy projects.’

Adapted from press release by Claira by Claira Lloyd

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