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SGS provides construction supervision for OXY in Colombia

Oilfield Technology,

In August 2013, Occidental de Colombia selected the inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS to provide construction supervision services for infrastructure projects needed to exploit the Caño Limón oilfield. During the three year contract, up to 50 onsite SGS experts will supervise construction and maintenance of mechanical and electrical civil infrastructure while ensuring compliance with technical regulations, customer specifications and HSE requirements.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

OXY, the third largest oil producer in Colombia, is an international company specialising in gas and oil exploration and production. An active investor in Colombia for more than four decades, OXY now has operations in the Llanos Norte Basin of Aracua Province close to the northeastern border and the Middle Magdalena Basin located in the Santander Department.

Since its discovery in 1983, the Caño Limón oilfield has yielded more than 1.2 billion barrels of oil enabling Colombia to become an exporter after years as a net importer.

Having chosen SGS commissioning services for its La Cira Infantas Field in 2010, OXY looked to SGS to supervise construction of the infrastructure projects at the Caño Limón field. Building on a mutually successful relationship, OXY once again chose SGS to partner in this new project.

Services for the Caño Limón Project

SGS supervisors and inspectors are in place to conduct all the necessary services to ensure OXY partners of the project being completed on time and on budget while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards. 

Under the SGS Project Director, Level I, II III and IV non-destructive testing supervisors and an HSE supervisor are on board to conduct comprehensive construction supervision services onsite in Colombia.

These comprehensive services include civil, mechanical, electrical and paint inspections as well as NDT, soil and concrete laboratory and topography services. A design team is also on hand to handle any questions in this area. SGS teams have been provided 15 4x4 supply trucks for use at the Caño Limón field.

SGS is providing Colombian partners professional construction services, specifically tailored to safeguard the successful completion of the infrastructure projects at the oilfield. Independent, experienced onsite SGS experts are implementing and executing services at Caño Limón effectively and in line with Project Management Institute guidelines to keep the project on schedule, reduce technical risk and prevent construction errors through continuous supervision. Skilled SGS personnel are ensuring all work conforms to specified documentation and the construction permit and is in compliance with the relevant building regulations, quality standards and insurance company guidelines. The company’s supervisors are appropriately completing and issuing all documents, certificates and declarations.

SGS is proud to once again assist this prestigious partner to increase oil production for Colombian consumers and ensure safe oil production for all Colombian citizens.

Edited from various sources by Cecilia Rehn  

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