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First L-CNG stations in Italy open

Oilfield Technology,

Liquefied to compressed natural gas refuelling stations (L-CNG stations) are now fully consolidated facilities in Italy. The first public refuelling station, developed in Villafalletto (Cuneo), is now up and running. The station, completely built by Vanzetti Engineering, has a capacity of 600 Nm3/h and is set to refuel up to 500 Kg/h.

“It is a great achievement”, commented Vanzetti Engineering, “to have a chance to fully complete the developing process by projecting and directly installing all primary components of this site. This is a perfect case of an all ‘made in Italy’ technology and we are proud to be seen as pioneers.”

The stations cost up to 70% less than traditional CNG refueling stations, mainly because the stations don’t have to be connected to a gas pipeline.

The LNG supply is provided by Polargas, an affiliated company of Vanzetti Engineering, ensuring efficient logistics. The storage tanks are remotely monitored by Polargas, which enables the station’s cryogenic tank to be refilled in a timely manner.

There are approximately 10 L-CNG stations already developed with Vanzetti Engineering technology across Europe today, and 20 more are currently either in progress, under development or in the projecting phase in Italy and Europe. The stations are also designed in such a way that they can be upgraded to refuel vehicles that run on LNG fuel, when this technology reaches market commercialisation.

LNG is confirmed to be a valid and alternative solution to conventional fuels, aiming to boost the Natural Gas Vehicles refuelling network in Italy and Europe, especially in those areas where site development is blocked by insufficient pipeline pressure or complete pipeline absence.

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