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Cubility appoints regional manager for North America

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Cubility AS, an industry leading provider of solids control solutions and efficiency around drilling operations, today announced the appointment of Jose Limia as the company’s Regional Manager for North America. Jose’s role will be to grow sales of the MudCube® technology across the North American market, with specific emphasis on offshore drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cubility’s MudCube technology represents a new way of working in solids control around drilling operations. The MudCube provides an alternative to traditional shale shakers with its improved operational efficiencies, reduced drilling waste levels and a significantly improved HSE environment.

“All the building blocks are in place for renewed drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico over the next few years,” continues Cubility CEO, Even Gjesdal. “We are delighted to secure someone of Jose’s experience to lead our activities in this strategically important market and to enable Cubility and the MudCube to become the industry standard in solids control and waste management in North America – both onshore and offshore.”

Jose Limia continues:  “With the increasingly stringent HSE regulations – particularly offshore the Gulf of Mexico - the MudCube is the ideal solution for the North American market and will contribute greatly to both the offshore working environment and – through a reduction in drilling fluids attached to cuttings – the bottom line.”

He concludes: “I look forward to putting the environmental and the business case to US operators, rig and drill contractors who for the first time are being offered a genuine alternative to shale shakers. I firmly believe that the MudCube is the technology that the industry has been waiting decades for!”

Jose joins Cubility on the back of a 25-year career in environmental and fluids management and will be heading up the Houston office. He has spent the last 17 years at Baker Hughes where he held a variety of roles. This included Director of Enterprise Systems for Latin America, Director of Water Management, and Director of Fluids Environmental Services. Jose is the author of numerous papers, articles and conference presentations and has a PhD in Marine Ecology from the University of Aberdeen.

The MudCube is based around the concept that solid control and mud treatment is no longer dependent on traditional shaker technologies prevalent in the oil & gas sector since the 1930’s. Rather than G force-based, vibrating shale-shakers, the MudCube uses a combination of high airflow and vacuum technology to remove solids from drilling fluids. The remote, automated operations of the MudCube and its enclosed system with reduced vibration and noise levels and the elimination of oil vapour also brings considerable HSE benefits, in particular offshore.

The MudCube’s improved separation capabilities also mean that the separated drilling fluid is of better quality and reduces the need to spend resources on additional chemicals to improve the mud properties. The MudCube improves operational efficiencies and reduces costs through a significant reduction of waste levels alongside a variety of other operational and financial benefits.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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