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Major Statoil contract to Altus Intervention

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Statoil has exercised a two-year contract extension with Altus Intervention for the provision of mechanical wireline services on Statoil operated fields and mobile drilling units on the Norwegian continental shelf. The scope of the extended contract has been expanded to also include three of the four Cat D rigs currently under construction.

Altus Intervention, previously known as Aker Solutions’ Well Intervention Services, has provided mechanical wireline services to Statoil since 1984. The new two-year contract extends the partnership until early 2017, and Altus Intervention estimates that the contract will generate revenues close to NOK 1 billion.

“Statoil has the industry’s most ambitious recovery rate target for offshore oil and gas wells. We are proud to be able to support them in reaching their objectives, as we have been doing for 30 years. We have invested heavily into equipment, technology and training to continuously provide Statoil with the most effective onshore and offshore support available,” says Halle Aslaksen, president of Altus Intervention’s Scandinavian operation.

The contract will occupy around 400 employees, of which approximately 60% will support Statoils offshore operations. Altus Intervention will manage the agreement from its worldwide headquarters, in Stavanger, Norway. The company will also deliver onshore operational support to Statoil's field centres at Stavanger, Bergen, Stjørdal and Harstad.

For offshore work, the contract comprises of mechanical wireline and some optional logging services on the following Statoil operated fields: Heidrun; Njord A; Grane; Gullfaks A, B and C; Heimdal; Huldra; Kvitebjørn; Oseberg B, C, East and West; Troll A; Veslefrikk; Visund A; and Volve. The contract also covers mechanical wireline work on the majority of the mobile drilling units Statoil utilise in the North Sea, this including Gullfaks satellites, Heidrun satellites, Hyme, Kristin, Mikkel, Norne, Oseberg, Tune, Snorre UPA, Snøhvit, Statfjord satellites, Tordis, Troll, Vega, Vigdis, Visund, Yttergryta and Åsgard.

Under the new contract extension, Altus Intervention will perform all mechanical wireline work on the three new Cat D rigs Songa Equinox, Songa Endurance and Songa Encourage.

Altus Intervention is the North Sea market leader within well services. It offers wireline, wireline tractor, coiled tubing, LMS and logging services in Norway, Denmark and the UK. Its UK operation also offers pipeline and process services.

Well intervention services are carried out in an oil or gas well, with the objective of maximising production and increasing the recovery rate.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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