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Dresser Rand licenses small scale LNG technology

Oilfield Technology,

Dresser-Rand Company has entered into licensing agreement with Expansion Energy LLC.  Under the agreement, Dresser-Rand is granted a worldwide exclusive (for capacities up to 100,000 gal./d) license to Expansion Energy's proprietary VX ™ Cycle technology for the small-scale production of LNG.

According to Brad Dickson, Dresser-Rand's Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, "In our on-going evaluation of technologies to complete the value chain for the burgeoning shale markets, as well as solutions for addressing global natural gas flaring and the rapidly expanding markets for LNG vehicle fueling, Expansion Energy's LNG production process met all of the requirements we identified and embodies technology that we can bring to the market quickly."

Dresser-Rand believes that the patented VX™ Cycle is the first technology to provide a cost-effective small-scale LNG production process with capacities as low as 1500 gal./d.

Small scale LNG opens up a number of new revenue opportunities for oil and gas companies, upstream applications include the monetisation of flared gas or associated gas and the production of stranded natural gas fields which are not close to existing pipeline infrastructure. Downstream applications include the production of vehicle-grade LNG, allowing LNG for long-haul trucks and ships.

The VX™ Cycle enables the distributed production of LNG with small-scale plants, as the technology can utilize natural gas from virtually any high- or low-pressure pipeline or distribution line, or from stranded wells.

As such, the VX™ Cycle eliminates the need for the costly trucking of LNG long distances from large, centralized plants to LNG fueling depots, as is the practice today.  Instead, the VX™ Cycle produces LNG right at the fueling station or at the wellhead.  The VX™ Cycle technology can also be used to upgrade existing CNG stations to produce LNG and/or a colder, denser CNG product with a higher BTU density versus standard CNG.

Adapted from press release by Peter Farrell.

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