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CREEnergy partner with GPTI to clean up tailwater

Oilfield Technology,

Green Processing Technologies, Inc. (GPTI) announced today that the corporation has entered into a long-term joint venture agreement with Edmonton, Canada-based CREEnergy Oil & Gas Co. The joint venture is for the purpose of remediation of toxic oilsands mining tailings ponds in the Ft. McMurray area, within the province of Alberta, Canada.

When asked to comment about the JV agreement, Chairman/CEO Stephen D. Cummins replied, “Green Processing Technologies is now positioned to establish its proprietary fresh and salt water remediation technology in Canada, in what we believe will prove to be a new world standard. GPTI is fortunate that CREEnergy had the ingenuity and foresight to be at the innovative environmental forefront in partnering with GPTI.”

The fact that CREEnergy has taken such steps to clean up the tailwater created by their oilsands operation will certainly help their public image. The polluted tailwater created during the oilsands production process has been highlighted as a potential environmental problem, as it is feared it could contaminate groundwater.

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