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Saltel Industries: successful off-bottom cementing campaign with Saltel Steel ECP

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The client has numerous oil fields under development in Western Siberia. Featuring low depletion reserves, these fields have a strategic importance, since they are a significant part of client’s overall oil production.

The client found an effective way to reduce the drilling time by switching from standard design (123/4 in. surface pipe with a 95/8 in. conductor casing, followed with 7 in. production string, and 4.5 in. liner with Multi Stage fracturing equipment), to new well design (two-string horizontal well: 123/4 in. surface pipe with a 95/8 in. conductor casing, connected to a 7 - 5.5 in. combined production string, for wall lining, installation of Multi Stage Fracturing equipment and further operations). As a result, this change excludes an entire stage in the drilling cycle.

The client was then looking for a reliable and solid External Casing Packer (ECP) to perform off-bottom cementing. In addition the packer must be more robust than conventional inflatable packer to sustain tough running conditions and pass through obstructions, usual situation due to geology in the Priobskoye Oil Field (called the Pearl of West Siberia), one of the largest fields in Russia by oil reserves.

To enable cementing above the High Pressure Open Hole completion, the client selected Saltel Steel ECP-C for its robust design, and slack-off weight capacity (60 t) during run in hole (RIH).

Saltel Expandable Steel Packers have proven outstanding robustness. Operators can slack off during RIH if they find an obstruction, what is usual situation here due to geology in the Prirazlomnoe field, and very fast wiper trip.

27 Steel ECP-Cs - 7 in. (Crimped design) were run and installed in 27 wells, acting as additional barriers to both:

  • seal the annulus
  • and protect the cement.

Combined with stage collars, the ECP-Cs were run as part of the production string. The Packers were set in 8.66 in. Open Hole section, above the uncemented high pressure completion. The cement, was pumped through the stage collars and placed above the expanded packers. After closure of the cement port, the casing integrity was achieved, allowing high pressure stimulation to be performed.

The 27 wells were successfully drilled, completed, then fractured. A 100% success rate was recorded on this off-bottom cementing campaign, which gave birth to further purchase orders.


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