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Assystem UK driving value for the offshore industry

Oilfield Technology,

Assystem, a leading innovation and engineering consultancy which provides multi-discipline design services to clients throughout the world, successfully presented a paper at the NAFEMS seminar which took place in Aberdeen. The paper demonstrates how Assystem can drive value for the oil and gas industry in the current financial climate.

Key challenges for the simulation community

Against a low oil price backdrop, the oil and gas industry is currently facing a host of challenges. The integrity management of structures, pipelines and risers in a hostile marine environment, as well as increasing pressure to minimise costs, safety risks, downtime and emissions all present key challenges for the simulation community.

The accurate representation of the reality of loading and response of offshore installations and their mechanical components requires a multi-disciplinary approach, alongside knowledge of current best practices and standards to deliver the innovative solutions which are required by industry.

NAFEMS seminar

The NAFEMS seminar on the ‘latest developments of FEA and CFD for offshore oil and gas facilities’ explored the latest challenges in the oil and gas industry and provided an opportunity for attendees to gain an insight into the current applications of FEA and CFD from oil and gas industry experts.

The purpose of the presentation was to showcase similarities in assessments across industries and how best-practice methodologies can be used to drive value for the offshore industry.

Assystem specialises in oil and gas systems and infrastructures

Dr. Adam Towse, Assystem’s UK Head of Discipline for Stress, and David Lister, Senior Stress Engineer at Assystem in the UK, presented a paper regarding ‘Leveraging Cross-Industry Simulation Methodology To Drive Value For The Offshore Industry.’ Assystem in the UK is leading the way in the use of simulation tools to aid the engineering process across multiple industries, either by building more efficient structures, extending the life of existing assets or speeding up the design process to minimise development costs.

Within the energy and infrastructure business area, Assystem specialises in oil and gas systems and infrastructures at different stages of the oil and gas cycle –including upstream, midstream and downstream.

Comment from Assystems UK

Commenting on the event, Dr. Adam Towse said: “The seminar was very positive – lots of papers demonstrating that life extension is a key demand, and given our experiences across a range of industries, we are well placed to assist our customers in this regard. There was also positive interest in the fracture assessments, pressure vessel assessments and cutting-edge topology optimisation, which were highlighted in our presentation.”


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