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Comments on oil and gas access and infrastructure

Oilfield Technology,

The below is highlights from a briefing given by Karen Moreau, executive director, New York State Petroleum Council, following a recent poll by the API.

‘We all know how important energy is to our daily lives. Our entire economy depends on affordable and reliable energy. American voters understand this, and 87% of voters agree that increased production of domestic oil and natural gas resources could help stimulate the economy. What’s more, 92% say that increasing development of the country’s energy infrastructure will strengthen its energy security.

‘Voters overwhelmingly said that energy issues were important to them, specifically:

  • 94% agreed that increased development of the country’s energy infrastructure would help create jobs in the US.
  • 91% say that increased production of domestic oil and natural gas resources could lead to more jobs in the US.
  • 89% say increased development of the country’s energy infrastructure is good for American consumers.’

Making investments

‘It is clear that the American public is looking to capitalise on the opportunity we face at this moment to use our nation’s energy portfolio to help consumers and create jobs. A study released earlier this year by IHS shows that capital spending on oil and gas infrastructure increased by 60% between 2010 and 2013, thanks to America’s shale energy revolution. IHS projects that up to US$ 1.15 trillion in oil and gas infrastructure investments over the next 12 years, contributing as much as US$ 120.58 billion to US GDP, supporting as many as 1.15 million jobs, and providing an additional US$ 27.45 billion in government revenues on average, annually between 2014 and 2025. These are private dollars, not public funds, ready to put shovels in the ground.’

Choosing policies

‘The right public policies can fuel America’s economic revival and improve our energy security for future generations through the safe and responsible production, refining and transportation of our country’s oil and natural gas resources. Our entire economic future, the availability of affordable and reliable energy, depends on the policies created today.’

‘We will advocate a mix of policies that will support what we’ve found in these polls: American support accessing the country’s abundant energy resources and they choose to benefit from the vital investments the oil and natural gas industry has made to develop and distribute it to American consumers.’

‘Forward looking policies that allow America to capitalise on this bright future are imperative for this nation to realise its job creation and economic potential, meeting the priorities of today’s voters. We will continue to be active through social media, advertising and via our grassroots movement to make these voices heard by members of Congress, the administration and elected officials at every level of government.’

Adapted from a speech by Claira Lloyd.

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