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Natural flow established at Warro

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Transerv Energy has stated that Warro-6 onshore well in Western Australia is flowing gas naturally, while Warro-5 continues to clean up with the aid of a jet pump.

At Warro-6, during the shut-in period, the wellhead pressure (WHP) built to 2700 psi. The well to flow naturally. Flowing a first flush of gas at rates over 4 million ft3/d in the first 24 hours, the gas rate stabilised at 0.73 million ft3/d and has since been steadily increasing to the present rate of 0.85 million ft3/d.

At Warro-5, gas rates have average 0.75 million ft3/d over the last 24 hours (up from average last week of 0.6 million ft3/d) while liquid rates continue to decrease. The performance of Warro-5 is very similar to Warro-6, suggesting that it too will be capable of natural flow in the near future.

During the fracture stimulation work, organic tracers were added to the fluids. These tracers tag both the gas and liquids flowing from each stimulation stage and hence estimate the relative contribution from each stage.

For Warro-5, the tracers indicate that over 70% of the liquids and 54% of the gas have come from Stage 2. This suggests that Stage 1 is potentially still cleaning up.

For Warro-6, Stage 2 is dominating both gas and liquid flows yielding 54% of the liquids and 70% of the gas. Stage 3 is only contributing 8% of the gas.

Transerv commented: “While it is still very early days in this testing program, these well results are encouraging. The fact that sustainable natural flow has been established at Warro-6, and indications that Warro-5 will follow soon, show the wells are capable of producing significant quantities of gas unaided. The trends are in the right direction. The tracer information suggests we are not seeing the true potential of all zones and we can hope that as testing proceeds, stages 1 and 3 in Warro 6 will contribute more gas. From a geological viewpoint, Stage 2 in Warro-5 is equivalent to Stage 3 in Warro 6 underlining that Stage 3 in Warro-6 has more potential. As previously indicated, the stimulation work carried out at Warro-5 and 6 only targeted approximately 50% of the net pay identified in each well, signifying the current program is not evaluating the full potential of the reservoir section.”

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