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Sacgasco Limited: four gas zones confirmed in Dempsey Well

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  • Wireline and mud logs confirm 4 zones of interpreted gas saturated sandstones between 1000 and 1560 m.
  • Net pay estimates range from 30 - 50 ft in undrained fault block; expectations for enough future gas production to cover well costs.
  • Casing currently being cemented in preparation for drilling ahead into the remaining 5-plus interpreted highly prospective sandstone reservoirs.

Sacramento Basin-focused natural gas developer and producer, Sacgasco Limited has advised that the field appraisal drilling component of the Company’s Dempsey 1-15 well in the Sacramento Basin in California has been successfully completed. Dempsey 1-15 has reached the planned intermediate casing point and has been wireline logged.

The wireline and mud logs have confimed 4 zones of interpreted gas saturated sandstones at field production levels (depths from approximately 1000 m (3300 ft) to 1560 m (5100 ft). Based on log correlations and 3D seismic these gas filled sands have not been previously produced in this fault block of the field.

The net gas pay estimate from the logs ranges from 30 - 50 ft depending on petrophysical-parameter cut-off values used. These zones will now be protected behind casing for future testing and production.

As a reference point, the database on the Californian Regulator’s (DOGGR) website shows that Sacgasco’s and other offset production wells have produced natural gas volumes that have exceeeded 1 Bcf of pipeline quality natural gas from individual equivalent zones.

As planned, 9 5/8 in. casing has been run to a depth of approximately 1760 m (5800 ft), and is in the process of being cemented in place in preparation for drilling ahead into more than 5 remaining prospective underlying sandstone reservoir targets.

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