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Scottish CBM production test “successful”

Oilfield Technology,

Following a three month production test, Dart Energy, an Australian company focused on the development of unconventional gas in Australia, Asia and Europe, has claimed success at its Airth project in Scotland to extract coalbed methane (CBM). The production test of the Airth 12 well achieved sustained gas flow rates in excess of 0.5 mmscfd during the test period, with peak rates in excess of 0.8 mmscfd. The well was, however, held back from its maximum production potential to minimise flaring of gas.

Dart Energy: production test “validates key assumptions”

According to the company, the productions test has validated a number of key assumptions that underpin the longer-term development plans for the Airth project:

  • Sustainable continuous commercial gas production has been demonstrated.
  • Test data indicates that well flows in excess of 1 mmscfd are attainable in the production area, proving the project’s economic viability.

The production test is now complete. Gas production is being reduced in order to preserve gas for ultimate commercial production and to minimise the need to flare gas. Pending further field development, including installation of compression facilities, Dart intends to continue to flow gas from the Airth 12 well for onsite electricity generation, at the capacity of the local grid, which is approximately 100,000 scfd.

Gas supply agreement with SSE

Once final regulatory approvals are received, further field development and compression facilities will enable delivery and sale of gas into nearby pipeline infrastructure. Dart has a gas sales agreement in place with SSE, the UK’s second largest utility, to supply up to 60 bcf of CBM produced gas over an 8 year period from 2013.

Written by Jonathan Rowland.

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