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WHL Energy Ltd provides project update

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Australian energy company WHL Energy Limited advises that it has received notification from Peedamullah Petroleum that AWE has elected not to proceed as part of the VIC/P67 Joint Venture.

WHL Energy previously identified 14 prospects with total best estimate Prospective Re sources of 1044 billion ft3 of gas and 31.2 million bbls of condensate and LPGs.

During October 2014, WHL Energy Limited commenced a farm-out process for VIC/P67 to seek a carry through the exploration-drilling phase while retaining meaningful exposure to the permit. A data room was opened and strong interest was received from several pre-qualified companies, with the process expected to extend through the first quarter of 2015. WHL Energy remains engaged 2C Contingent Resources with a number of these companies. WHL Energy’s position remains that the strong demand for domestic gas on the east coast of Australia due to the growth in LNG exports together with the conventional VIC/P67 Prospective Resources could provide a cost competitive gas supply to these markets.

David Rowbottam commented: “While it is disappointing that AWE has elected to withdraw at this time. WHL Energy understands that many companies in the industry have reviewed their capital expenditure plans given current commodity pricing. The Company is confident that the VIC/P67 asset has significant value and that as a result of our higher equity position the ability to retain value is enhanced.  The Company also notes that any future joint venture arrangement or asset transaction will be simplified as an outcome of this decision and that AWE does not have any further claim against potential recovered costs.”

Under the terms of a separate format agreement executed with Tap Oil Limited. Tap has an option to acquire an initial 10% interest in VIC/P67. While Tap is not required to exercise the seismic option until 10 days after AWE’s confirmed decision, the payment of up to US$2.95 million remains a firm commitment.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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