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Trelleborg shortlisted for ONS innovation award

Oilfield Technology,

SealWelding™ technology from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions allows swivel stack seals to be welded in-situ on a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) platform, eliminating the need for it to be disconnected and returned to shore. The technology has been shortlisted for the Innovation Award at the industry-leading ONS conference in Stavanger, Norway, between 25 - 28 August 2014, where Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will be exhibiting on stand 118.

The leading sealing developer and manufacturer has patented the new in-situ SealWelding technology that allows swivel stack seals to be replaced whilst the platform remains in operation. The seals are manufactured from the company’s well-established proprietary material, Turcon®, ensuring full offshore industry compliancy and reliability for the operator. The new technology will massively reduce the downtime and associated costs that come from maintaining an FPSO swivel stack.

Trelleborg's SealWelding laboratory, where seals are prepared for onsite installation.

Seals: vital technology for the oil and gas industry

Henk-Willem Sanders, FPSO focus group leader, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, said: “This nomination is recognition of our commitment to innovation in the oil and gas industry and our determination to push the barriers.

“Seals are vital when it comes to ensuring the continued efficient and safe operation of an FPSO swivel stack. Previously, scheduled replacement of these seals would require the vessel to disconnect and return to shore, whereby the components would be disassembled and new seals fitted.

“The cost and travelling time required to return an FPSO to shore can very quickly add up. In fact, when maintaining the swivel stack, a critical element on board any facility, typically the FPSO would be down for between six and 12 weeks. However, with our in-situ seal welding process, downtime is dramatically reduced. This has the potential to save oil and gas operators millions in lost earnings.”

A spokesman for the ONS awards said: “The world needs new groundbreaking energy technologies. The future of the international oil, gas and energy industry depends increasingly on its ability to develop new technologies.”

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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